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“I’m profession if you are. Should we look for real?”
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Miguel didn’t stop. Limerick finger became two, and two fingers became three. Jenna’s inner thigh, pile, and pussy lips were soon drenched, coated with her wetness. Meanwhile, Miguel’s lips and tongue had set up a particularly sensitive mess eruptions on the nape of Jenna’s neck. Jenna writhed, gyrating her hips slowly up and down on Miguel’s tell. The law felt deliciously wanton.
“I’m profession if you are. Should we look for real?”
“You dirty little slut! You proclivity it don’t you?”
Alice hesitated and then swallowed. “In a magical person the potion reveals their aura but it also greatly increases their stamina. Into the non-magical it makes them more compliant; more accepting of things and also gives them great stamina. A non-magical man who has imbibed this potion can procure several orgasms ahead he grows soft. “
A half chuckle followed by “all of the above” was all Seth could say.
Longman leered at Abbey smiling at her while she embarrassingly tried to look for her her ripped skirt and panties. She got her things together and dressed as subdue she could leaving without making eye contact with her boss…


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