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“How about a whirlwind allot?” he joked.
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“Oh, shit. It’s Helen. Pick it up.”
“Oh! The red dress is short sleeved, has a vee neck and has a subtle lacy cycle over it. Hows that?”
“That’s inapposite,” said Hillary. “What’s important is that he likes you and he likes me. I contrive I persuaded him that you’re innocent, and he’s helping me.”
We were in our sitting room talking about inexperienced adults, whom, where, how, that person of thing, what fun we would have etc etc. There was a knock at the door, and Gary called out, Gary is Wanda’s chic boyfriend.
“Nope.” I answered, “That’s too much willpower for any man, to stop fucking your euphonious, tight butt in mid-stroke.”
“How about a whirlwind allot?” he joked.


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