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“No. Do men like that?”
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“No. Do men like that?”
After a couple of seconds I said, “Yes, do you be dressed a package for me?”
“Oh god…I mean, I’m good.” He managed.
“Blast you. Cuss care you if anything happens to him,” she said to the stiff in front of her.
“Whoooooooooooo.” she finally said and BANG, she could swear her foresightedness went for all to see for a second. She snuggled into him. That was a good shackle she had there.
“I’m every time up for a challenge.” She said as I sucked on her nipples. “Excepting, regular if I couldn’t fit it very far in my mouth, I’m sure we could find some other places for it.” Her broad grin was enough to concoct my knees weak. She slid the dildo into my hand and pushed my direct down between her legs.


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