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“I love you too,” I replied hugging her tight.
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“Do you enjoy it?” I asked. And she blushed; which is quite a feat when you examine how dark her skin is.
Hank told me later he had woken up and being mostly in dream land set himself spooning with a sexy unprotected move association. Waking up like that, I suppose he couldn’t resist after finding her mingy ass had his hard cock between its cheeks and being a normal guy he naturally went exploring that body. I’m sure there wasn’t a separate thought given not far from who he was getting sociable with. After all, two tight cheeks around a hard cock is a callous enticement to ignore.
“I love you too,” I replied hugging her tight.
Not absent to make a scene, he just said, “Thank you babe. Do you covet to change?”
“Say please Adrian!” I cooed as I rubbed my fingers over my clit, giving him a good view of it too.
“Oh fuck…oh my numen…not again… oh yes that’s so gargantuan,” Michelle panted in abrupt lust.


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