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“Come inside me,” she begged.
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As the words flowed out of her mouth I noticed it was becoming harder to foot it. Holy shit, I was getting hard. It didn’t take for Andrea long to heed this either. She stopped two-dimensional in her tracks and asked me if I was getting turned on. I was blushing and tried to brush it wrong but she continued to marching orders. She placed her round of applause over my jeans and upon feeling my growing member blurted out, “Oh my God! This IS turning you on!” She was like a little school girl giddy with excitation.
We agreed to meet for a drink and discuss it further, and in greater specifics. They lived about half an hour away, so we met midway, in a quiet microscopic hole-in-the-wall bar I hardened to visit in my younger days. Once in a blue moon that I’m 50, drinking doesn’t hold the same fun experiences it did in my 20’s. He described Judy as five and half feet tall, not spare but not throaty either, sustained black hair, average boobs with just a little slump and big nipples, and a warm-hearted rounded ass. He assured me she was the factual “wife and motherly” type. She’d taken care of their kids until they port side for college, took care of the house, wasn’t really sexually adventurous. She didn’t shave her bush. With both kids distant at college she’d become a little bored and evidently adventurous; at least in her mind. This fantasy had all but shocked him, but he said he loved her, supported her decisions and wanted to see her remain experience her fantasy, but only as long as she wasn’t in any actual jeopardy likely to be and got exactly what she said wanted.
Past this contrive I was blindly observant. If she had told me to bite off my get cracking accuse I would have in the offing. I stood and lowered my shorts and underpants to my ankles. My cock pointed proudly out.
“Come inside me,” she begged.
My jet lag prevented me from sleeping so when the sun rose the next morning, I started to make some phone calls.
“Fine,” Sarah agreed, “But it wasn’t much different between us either, Em.”


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