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“See you next Saturday,” Bethany said, slapping my ass.
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Dawn was rocking her body back and forth as she serviced the young man. This caused her hanging tits to sway in time, her nips stood out red and long. Ben was moaning and Dawn was cooing as she worked on him. Ben told “Pam” to up sucking him but to turn her body round to lay over him. Dawn did as ordered and splayed both legs on either side of his head. I was surprised she was able to make the complete turn and position without breaking her lip lock on his cock.
“But what does that tease to do with Carl? What’s that got to do with love?”
In all virtue, yes he was, he was so much better. He earned my slews that night and I look patronize to our next fucking adventure. If he was masterful to take me to sex heaven in a stock closet, consider what he could do in a bedroom. And no he won’t be telling me to shush next time.My heart was beating unlit of my chest. I was covered in sweat. My body ached towards more. The pleasure ran through my whole body and it couldn’t be stopped. This random guy was bringing me to places my husband on no account had, and at this apropos I had completely forgotten I had a husband…
To be graphically continued…
She turned her head, looking up at his face.
“See you next Saturday,” Bethany said, slapping my ass.


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