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Jude began pouring the champagne. Before he’d topped up the third glass, the door opened and a stunning brunette entered the room. With incredibly extensive longs and five inch heels, she towered over Annie. Wearing undefiled stilettos with lowering stockings, a deathly bra and a tiny black thong, she was draped in a translucent white sarong, leaving nothing to the imagination.
Her mouth went dry…as she saw a dash of what awaited her. Oh my spirit!! She thought as her lustfulness exploded. His physique didn’t hurt either. A flat taught stomach…six pack abs…and his obliques…running down into his towel…terminating at the base of the monster concealed underneath it.
As at all times, feedback is always appreciated.
“Sure.” I told him, being nice but kind of wishing otherwise.
“You see I told you, you had it in you. You feel hot right, your inner woman feels strong.”
“How did that same boy who was here on Friday talking football to you, end up here a few days later having sex with our daughter?” she asked, before raising her voice, “In our living room.”


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