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I knew I should do more work.
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Laura turned to Denise. “What’s the give out with Rob?” she asked.
Abbey propped herself up on her elbows and turned guileless mouthed, her eyes staring intently a Longman.
“It sounds like she’s got the in any case attitude as her sis—”, Alison began, coming back to the table with her food. She struggled to put the plate on the table as she saw the photo her mother had stopped at. “OH MY GOD MOM! I’m so apologetic,” the young trouble screamed as she grabbed for the machinery. “I forgot that was on there!”
I knew I should do more work.
Those were the no greater than sexual comments while we were there. Once we had eaten, the kids (as Joe calls them) were in a hurry to go. Joe insisted that we stay until the basketball game was over. That took about ten minutes. Joe paid the bill and we again got into the car with the three of us in the backseat and Joe driving. He asked the guys, “Should I take the sustained way back?”
I speculation what I told you about with the pictures was indeed the first thing I did because I was threatened. I’m sure you mean the first sexual thingumajig I refused and that is a different answer. I refused a gobs c many of relatively minor requests but let him give birth to his way because I knew an unspoken foreboding was there. Of course the pictures he had of me were always a threat but it was the ever file threat of losing my job, my marriage, and my lifestyle, as comfortably as public and concealed humiliation I would have to endure. None of those threats existed until I refused to leave Joey for him. It was simply then that he made it abundantly clear that If I didn’t please him, I would lose everything.


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