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“I’m exposed in Mike’s bedroom,” Katie said sexily.
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Suzanne took another sample of her chilled wine as she felt the earnestness of her arousal flood between her legs. She remembered how flustered and aching she had been, going down the elevator and into the hotel lobby feeling practically naked with her crotch and ass bare, private only by the short tennis skirt.
“Okay, what?” she questioned, stopping in her tracks and turning yon.
Lily ordered Adam to dress. “Please teach him,” said Lily. “It’s his favorite horror, now. He needs to learn.”
“I’m exposed in Mike’s bedroom,” Katie said sexily.
This story is from one of my many series of stories. I hold a lot of stories posted if you read this one and like it, or don’t like it, off a exposition and tell me how I’m doing.
He quickly tossed me back on the bed, holding my face down into the pillow as my tight ass was up in the air. Eric got behind me and quickly thrusted his married meat heartfelt inside of my dripping weak cunt. I cried out with euphoria as he buried himself balls deep, beginning to violently gyrate his hips into me, which insured that I would feel every distinct fucking inch of his cock.


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