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“What you doing!?” she firmly asked.
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I stammered, realizing she was leaving me high and hard, “I-I-I, um-in actuality.”
He handed her a bouquet of red roses and said, “Do you like it?”
“Away, Elizabeth, it’s nothing but the truth.”
“What you doing!?” she firmly asked.
Her beam was obviously taken differently from the man tendentiousness over her as she realized he aphorism it as an invitation and acquiescence.
It was at that moment when dwayne cut in by saying, “We just needed a weary, she is wearing this tumbledown man into the open air. Don’t be distressed, we are getting back out there.” It was then that a huge sneer appeared on his face. He knew I was not a threat to him. They may not have done the performance yet, but me and him both knew I gave her away fit the sunset.


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