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“I doubt that.” Calvin said his eyes fixed on Demi Moore.
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Lars chuckled. “Perhaps you are right. When should we put the kids to sleep?”
“Yes.” She giggled. “Much bigger.”
Helena fake to be insulted. Jack chuckled and turned his head to the lake again. Helena’s muscles protested when she sat up and made her groan with displeasure. Now the more often than not situation was coming forsake to her and she realized where she was. Both she and Jack were sitting side by side on a patch of coarse grass, both of them soaking wetness. Helena’s braids clung to cheeks and forehead with in heavy wet tufts. Lazily she brushed them away, once more arranging them into her ponytail. Thankfully the scruffie was still with her. Today that her breathing had finally returned to typical she felt much better. Tired, but better. But when Helena lowered her eyes she came to stare at her own breaths, almost mesmerized via their heaving motion. Was she really breathing that heavily?. Fine drops of water were still clinging on to the ample mounds, and as her breasts rhythmically rose and fell the droplets took turns of running down along their shape. It felt strange to suddenly become so informed of her own body like this, or how her breasts moved in the tight embrace of the yellow polyester. Did her bikini top really show that much husk?
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“Please! Please fuck me!”
“I doubt that.” Calvin said his eyes fixed on Demi Moore.


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