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“I want it all, sir,” Marcia moaned.
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A slight shift in Frank causes his penis to suddenly flop out of Beth’s flared vagina. His erection glistened beneath her spread, white ass. Frank softly removed his finger from her sucker and Beth’s anus clamped immure b silence. Frank grabbed his penis, slid it as a remainder Beth’s pussy, and slowly pushed it into her asshole. Beth instantly sat up, clearly not broken the invasion. Her butt cheeks squished together as she sat still, looking down at Frank.
“I want it all, sir,” Marcia moaned.
Eagerly grabbing and groping her ass, I peeled the fitted shorts down over her butt and part way down her thighs exposing her moist glassy pussy. Leaning closed her so I was just within whispering detachment of her ear, I glided a hand over her exposed ass easing two fingers with no resistance in between her thighs.
“You coming to camp for the weekend?” Gabe asked.
“Wow. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s up to you. You’re the one inside her head on this. I’m just a patient observer.”
“Well then why don’t you disclose me about your fantasies that involve me. Not the details, just a general description for each a woman and I’ll ascertain you if it’s something I unconditionally won’t do,” I said (thanks for the immodest Paul).


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