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“you need me to cum on her mask?” The stranger asked.
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Kim tells you she’s had too much to bumper.
I was in an emotional turmoil that I was different with. I was pissed at my silence for being pissed at me. There was nothing unknown about that. I was even so also pissed at Kevin for not responding, pissed at myself for having spent the afternoon being a dirty slut, and pissed at the world in compensation making me pissed at myself. I was sad about all of it because I didn’t like people being pissed. I was hushed horny thinking nigh a young hard cock and somewhere deep down where I didn’t like to go I was elated. I was happy because for at least a few minutes I was attractive in the eyes of a hot young guy. I was a mess. I took a shower, did a haphazard job of cleaning up down there and got dressed. I wore shorts because I told him I wasn’t getting dressed up but wore one of my nicer tops because despite being a bit of a bitch I did still want him to be proud of me when I showed up at his crappy plunge bar.
“you need me to cum on her mask?” The stranger asked.
“Oh,” he smiled, as he pulled up his panties and pantyhose, “I plan to return the account.”
“Did you have make uncomfortable finding the house?” I asked.
“Uh, yes. Sorry. Busted.”


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