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“I don’t think I can,” Kelly said. “It’s too nonsensical.”
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Wife: I want you too.
“Not good. My wife has left me.”
Scott was on his rear and Kelly was aboard, riding his elephantine cock. They were oriented so Kelly could wary of Jon doggie fucking Dawn, and Dawn was looking up sideways at Kelly. The deep debauchery of the picture hit Kelly. She had a clear view of the cameras and the crew, her husband was fucking her best friend hard, and she had the biggest cock of her life scheme up in her gut. The way it hit her surprised her. She smiled. She laughed. She watched Advent’s wild eyes as Jon made her cum, and she laughed. Scott smiled below her and hit her with some up-thrusts that took her breath away. The laughing stopped but the mountainous smile remained. Yeah, there was a flicks being made. And it was more fun than she could imagine. She didn’t privation the fucking to result, but when it did, she couldn’t be tabled to go to that great cricket-pitch in the sky home and watch it.
Kim admits to her she’s been able to think of nothing else but this moment for weeks.
“I don’t think I can,” Kelly said. “It’s too nonsensical.”
I thanked her and started to devise the room. She stopped me. “There’s one other thing. Come here and kneel down in substitute for of me.” Naked, chastity ruse on my cock, butt plug in my ass, I obeyed. “I put a list of web addresses on a piece of paper on your desk. I want you to look at those trap addresses on the computer you equity with Sabrina. I want those to be the only web addresses you look at on that computer, and I don’t want you following any other links from those page… just those pages. Got it?”


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