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“She will eventually. Probably sooner than later.”
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“She will eventually. Probably sooner than later.”
And that was the point. Ken moved her handy away gently, magically holding up a second blindfold. It had been disguised with the before blindfold. He placed it up over the first blindfold, tying this anecdote a bit more securely. He was not taking any chances.
As she shut up the door, I called out, “Let me recollect if you want an opinion.”
As the drinks kept coming, I noticed Yumiko start to relax more and more, she became a bit guardedly, especially with the men folk who were at present local her, the ambience in the place was compliant going and friendly, and everyone had questions about the UK / Japan and what we had seen in L.A?
“The sole question that needs to be asked and answered by you Brooke is do you want to cum over and over right now?”
I wondered how much he had heard. The story got around.


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