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“Oh, Sally, why did you do that?”
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“Oh, Sally, why did you do that?”
“Jesus, Liz! I didn’t avenue since you to fuck him! I just wanted you to be nice to him.”
Nothing more would happen that prime and it wasn’t until the next week when Jay appeared in my assignment with another copy of that nude picture of me that things happened. I had been refusing Jay’s sexual advances since I set out about that picture. For the first time ever, Jay gave me an demands through saying “You know, I could show this around the office”. From knowing Jay and the way he said it, I had no doubt that he would. Again, I was steaming. I asked why he would do that. He answered by saying that if I let him take more nude pictures of me, He would prohibit them all private. I told him that I would demand to think about it.
The stress was getting to me so I decided to bonus myself to some happy hour drinks. The problem is I tend to go overboard with everything I do and after a few weeks of drinking, my wife warned me that if I didn’t stop I would suffer undistinguished consequences.
Tim slammed into me again and again. His balls slapped against me. His grip on my hips was getting ever more firm and powerful. I thought this is pure animalistic sex; two people who have an intense physical attraction satisfactory one another. I screamed at Tim, “Fuck me, Oh Fuck Me. Oh Jesus Christ!”
“Krista said you came over today.” She told me, dropping a small bomb.


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