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“God yes, give it to me, fuck me,” I hissed.
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“I’m sorry,” I answered.
“God yes, give it to me, fuck me,” I hissed.
“I love you.” I told her.
“Its not a antidepressant, it is simply an enhancer. It is applied one time only and is passed through between sexual partners. Everything you are premonition every now is natural only, it is simply your android lust and desire, you take been awakened that is all.” He smiled. “Whether you reparation to our exclusive union is up to you entirely, but I hope you are grateful for the new changes in your lives. Judging by both of your orgasms, I would tell you are.”
“Reprimand! This girl keeps delivering,” Sam thought to himself.
I heard him clearly say, “Roll over so I can get on top. I wanna go steady with how deep you can take it.”


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