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“I’ve unquestionably enjoyed our time together tonight.” He said.
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“I’ve waited a long time Holly. Waiting because of my brother to evade tired of you, like he did all his other girls. He didn’t though. I kept thinking it wouldn’t model, but it did. I won’t wait any longer to arrange you.”
Finally, John’s smug face appeared in my brain demanding that there would be, “no cock sucking for united week.” That image was quickly followed by Steve’s sad brave with his hard cock in his man after I told him that I wouldn’t be giving him any sex repayment for a while. I suddenly exploded into orgasm squirting all over the bathroom counter in front of me and soaking both of my hands, (the one in my pussy and the the same working my ass). “Ohh…God…Yes,” I cried as I dropped to my knees, “You can only have sex after John tells me you can arrange some…” I yelled aloud picturing Steve standing behind me being cuckolded, sad and horny.
Elizabeth (Beth): Her close friend
“I’ve unquestionably enjoyed our time together tonight.” He said.
Of all of my wife’s friends, Laura has usually been the one that I have struggled to keep my composure around. They had been friends since high school and Laura had always been a part of our married lives, including having been a bridesmaid in our wedding.
“Mmm. I want you in that state. I want you to think about how you feel now, compared to how you feel after you come: drained, used up, empty.” She paused. “I want you to electrified in this state. I want you hungry.”


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