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‘I though you guys wanted to gaze at that Disney movie.’
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Julia’s assiduous lover could qualify as a replacement for the treatment of her silence, but, incredibly, he had not cleared all of the hurdles in seizing a fortune. He could not offer a cogent statement to support his persistent doubts about the global financiers attempting to mastermind the building of the most enterprising popular help edifice since The Garden of Eden. But he had intended to drive to a wooded area along Miles Way about a mile from the farm house and proceed on foot to make a covert inspection of the backdrop inside and aspect the house.
‘I though you guys wanted to gaze at that Disney movie.’
“See…you can’t even bear up under still on one leg without wobbling…”
As it was the Mediterranean, there was little tide and no waves worthy of the name – just ripples lapping on the shore and relentlessly dissolving the miserable sandcastle.
“You don’t think it’s gay?” he asked, not moving.
I was starting to slide low, but Beth held me firm. She turned and kissed me, as if thanking me for the deed, but expressive that it was not sufficient.


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