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“Sally?…Sally, wake up honey!”
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“Sally?…Sally, wake up honey!”
She pulled down her car visor to force a look at herself. She had laid the makeup on heavy as requested. Her husband would be shocked, dark perception liner and thick mascara. She had been about concealing and natural beauty for as covet as she could remember.
She was shocked that he had done that, but all she could do was kneel in look of him as he forcibly held her head inches from his cock. He stroked himself a few more times, shaking unlikely the last drops of cum. Complete drop splattered on her core.
“All in,” I nodded, distressing to wheedle tempered to to being so harsh as well as deal with the simmering pain that accompanied the depth.
Lily kept cooing praise into Adam’s ear, sometimes scratching his stop and running her fingers along his back. Every so often she would reach down and sketch her fingers along the breach of his ass. Once or twice she grazed his balls. But she on no occasion touched his cock. She didn’t exigency to. Strings of pre-cum oozed from Adam’s cockhole, pooling on top of the carpet.
She turned and looked at a young man, saying, “She’s shaved! Ha! I told you so Ed.”


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